Ceramic Art Gallery

Discover a  dream world of extraordinary dimensions in this tranquil mosaic-filled haven.  As you wander through the pathways of art and creativity, nestled in the mature garden, you will soon discover the most  unique New Zealand gallery.  Judi’s passion and innovation for her work and surroundings make L’Arté Gallery and Garden a visual delight that keeps growing and changing with every new project.  Attached to the gallery is the working pottery studio. This is where Judi’s inspiration becomes reality.  Living the creative process, her work is always changing as she explores the possibilities of the medium she is working with and pushes all the boundaries.

Wander through the amazing garden which is alive with mosaics and unique pieces created by Judi and other NZ artists.  It is truly a visual feast and makes your experience at L'Arté absolutely unforgettable!

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