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L’Arté's unique café is set in an established garden filled with art and mosaics. Its delicious food is prepared fresh on site utilizing New Zealand’s finest produce. The all day breakfast menu at L’Arté incorporates a unique style and blend of old and new, from our homemade wholemeal bread to our gluten free recipe, there is something here for every palate. Choose yummy breakfast or lunch options from our menu board or select from our delicious cabinet food.  WINE -  
Yes !!! L’Arté Café and Gallery is a fully licensed café. Enjoy a glass of fine New Zealand wine with our wonderful Antipasto platter and you have a gastronomic symphony!!! L'Arté uses Allpress Coffee to make their delicious smooth L’Artés (Lattés).  


Come and escape the hustle and bustle of pavement dining and soak up L’Arté's relaxed atmosphere. You won't be disappointed.